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Dancing is the passion of which we live for. Live in the Moment and Love what life has to give!  When you find that happiness...............celebrate with the love of life! This is what life is........”the moment!” ...............>

                                                      Grab your dance shoes & hit the floor!
                                                 Colorado’s Favorite West Coast Swing Coach
                                                     MANNY VIARRIAL
                              To be Announced Soon 
                                                                             The class is designed to work individually and or with couples in defining the way you dance  
                                                                             with your partner.  I will move to partner to partner in suggesting things that the partnership 
                                                                             needs to improve upon in their timing, teamwork and skill when dancing together.  Great  
                                                                             chance to be coached while dancing to a variety of music.                                                                   

This class will teach you to:
Improve Sense of balance
Connection with your partner
Moving your body to the music
How to count any pattern and move
Defined lead/follow techniques
Perfect basic footwork

The dates for this Class are: 
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All payments are non-refundable. No refunds or substitutions for missed lessons.
Space is limited. Reservations are suggested. My number is 303 521-0063.

                                         To be announce Soon


All levels invited.

When: Sunday


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Payments are non-refundable.

No refunds or substitutions for missed lessons.

Call for your reservations at 303 521-0063

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